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If I can go through this once, then I'm willing to go for a loved one take off a red snow lotus, and even lose my life. I do not envy the Butterfly Lovers of romantic love, not envy Romeo and Juliet abandon secular. Less envious of the legend of the Cowherd and Weaver through the heavens and the earth. I can only hope that in my life a reincarnation goodbye to her side, even if it is only the moment that pass. Although no one will pass after no longer is a who's who, at least I know that she appeared again in my life. The Tianshan chill shiver I had hearts cool, but I had already been numb. Wei Bi eyes were kneeling on the ground, feeling the breath of the share of the purity of the Tianshan snow. Really want to tear out his heart to be buried in this pale foot of the Tianshan Mountains, let it freeze forever sealed. Before I left the Tianshan snow cleaning the eyes, and I hope in the next life I will not be deceived and deception, as well as those people broke our hearts like a well-intentioned lie. Just s, why now in exile? The portable luggage hearts of wandering, the next stop where I'm going? The eyes stay negligent in walking in the crowd, thin body owned wavering. Face tears still lingers not had someone cares, hungry belly, the heart Nike Air Max Shoes of helplessness.

Happy family of three sitting in the dining room, passers parents who organize clothes, to fearing the cold wind frostbitten their baby. The kind of happiness on their own so far. Late at night, the wind was underway homeless, multi-station was a stray. Huddled in a deserted corner, our fear makes it difficult for her to sleep, looking at the home, his face full of smiles, ask yourself where eyes wet with tears again. Cry tired, hungry body continuously weak and hard to sustain, exhausted sleep, his eyes still hanging tears. When Nike Air Max she was awakened by the nightmare found only around luggage was gone, not even a change of clothes. Looking around, squatted there, desperate the onlookers more and more people, but no one is willing to help her. Out of a woman wearing a very stylish crowd, went to her and ask the whole story, the woman took her hand: "Come with me! Let me take care of you
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