The north face outlet case

The king of The North Face Outlet case, can be said to be quite famous, famous not only because of the king of The North Face Outlet is the FY head of the real estate sector is strong figure, his friends in this brooding, said never let a murderer; important was huge defense lawyers. In order to avenge a friend, the the North Face Outet and Xu Peng, spared no expense to hire a very famous nationwide criminal lawyers and forensic experts to solve the case, defend However, lawyers strong, and their subordinates team is also very powerful, although many criminal experts dedicated can still unfinished full power.

They can not find any conclusive evidence to show that this was a premeditated murder, and ultimately North Face Sale There is no evidence, so the experts powerless Are they able to tell departments, said the person with guesswork on doubt, requesting the authorities to cooperate, which is not going to work. Even if it is able to get a little bit of supporting material, they will immediately put the hearts of some suspect characters rafts team, but the delay could not find. But seemed fun of them, these experts have been dispirited, the former king of The North Face Outlet case has been turned dramatically gave himself up to judgment innocence of the suspect Zhang Junlong say everyone stunned Insider. Heard the news, some ecstatic, some people frown, some people simply ignorant, this is simply an incredible cases has exceeded everyone's imagination! King of

The North Face Outlet case, not exact, should now be called Zhang Junlong case, an extremely wide range of cases, if the case has been established, is a hassle; cases unpaired, it is a hassle. In short, the Zhang Junlong case is a trouble! For this case, then, or do not answer, then heard how, not how to explain, for a time, has become extremely difficult thing for some. http://www.thenorthfaceforuk.com/ Some people wait for them personally strangled Zhang Junlong, this dilemma is really a troublemaker, some people even think why did not he been shot, it would mean that there would be no trouble now! But the trouble is, after all, has to do not know which damn damn message to poke out, and is now known to the world, they want to cover their dare not cover their, who did not dare to say no to handle this and proposals!

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North face outet not very good impression

Over the past few years North Face UK rarely come to the G state, Since the fairies company was established after, he no longer did not come G State. The negotiations of the textile industry, he is just hanging around in the http://www.thenorthfaceforuk.com/ Shanghai Delta region, even if the woman back to her parents mothering, he accompanied to. G State came again, he has a feeling of home, he has strange feelings of G State, G state is the starting point of his career, and that is no exaggeration, is the state in G, he was a lifetime the negotiations for the first time, the first time in his life investment, to get to know a number of people here, away two women, his woman, four to G State! Here are his friends, his relatives, the more his enemies, his full support gang fight was kidnapped In short, once much has happened here.

Chen Haili naturally G has deep feelings, here is her maiden, she lived for many years home where her friend encountered a man now here, attract, whom fascination , decided to lay down their identity to pursue him. Today, and the men again set foot on their homeland, how can the excitement! G state first stop is to go to his sister's home, Chen Haili has been there North Face Outet that a better understanding of the fairies inside story is anything, he is more concerned about, wanted to inquire about the situation.

North Face UK's mood was originally in cyclical lows, so the sound is not so sweet, and this, naturally exposed to his reality. So the North Face Outet invited him to the the G states some fresh air, relax to G state change of environment can forget about those unpleasant things. Xiaoqing on the North Face Outet not very good impression, but then this proposal very supportive men go south Jilisongyong. North Face UK now bad mood, in particular, has been unable to control this thing, attracted the attention of the whole family, and therefore agreed that he went south to get some fresh air, the way to accompany Liumei home to look at, so that he would take his woman and The two newly married not long the bodyguards began the short journey South.

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Two days after negotiations

The fairy company's financial resources, many companies are feeling very worried for a suddenly able to come up with a million yuan a huge capital company, it is difficult to conclude that the other funds, there are more than strong, in the end the billions of dollars or a few hundred billion yuan, all of my heart has no bottom, after steel things, the intelligence agencies have fairy funds information strictly cordoned off, even if the steel company did not know, companies in other industries are naturally not been disclosed.

Several other dial starting negotiations scores mostly better, there are a few about to sign an agreement, the remaining few have also reached a preliminary intention to comment on the amount of assets of those companies are basically satisfied. The North Face UK have ideas to speed up the negotiation process, otherwise, he will be left behind, and this is detrimental to him as the boss's face! Fairy suddenly speed up the negotiations progress statement, east side not neglect, the company urgently agree the conditions for negotiations, amendments The North Face Sale industry elite who are surprised he is skeptical of the other plots, more worried about the prospect of their own company. Round of negotiations down Caifeng Jun defeated, not just met leisurely mettle.

Two days after negotiations Cai Fengjun continue retreat extraordinarily difficult to support, just to support a morning, afternoon, personally negotiated by Shen Jie, general manager of the East China Textile Co., Ltd. Early negotiations, and not related to the specific investment issues, the two sides compete for dominance of negotiations. East China backed by their strength and momentum to overwhelm the other favorable conditions in the investment funds negotiations; fairy also want the backing of strength to future planning for the pressure, forcing the other side to give up stereotypes active into the own track. Fairy intention was not to let the other too much loss of interest, she just tend to pursue their own win-win cooperation, which North Face Outet is the fairies all negotiations guiding ideology.

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