Soviet Union began to pursue

Man dull grunted. Woman said: "Twenty years ago, let him a penny and no, do not they still coming home? Hou days colder than it is now!" The man listened to these words, could not help staring straight eye: "You say, you say?" The Cheap Air Max woman asked: "You really do not remember?" The man shook his head blankly. Woman sigh a breath: "It seems that the years who have some money by bringing really what all forget 20 years ago, we first journey to do business, did not expect to be cheated to the cleaners , travel expenses did not even go home. here, you want a bowl of wonton me something to eat, I know that when your body on the remaining fifty cents ... " Man heard himself startled, looked around: "It's here ..." the woman said: "Here, I'll never forget, then it is a small, broken wonton shop . "

Men silently bowed his head, the woman turned to the waiter at the side of a daze and said: "girl, please give me a chance to just empty bowl." The waiter soon brought an empty bowl, a woman won in front of ravioli, allocated more than half empty bowl, gently pushed to t Cheap Nike Shoes he front of the man: "Come on, finished a walk home!" The man staring in front of the bowl of wonton, long time before the sentence: "I'm not hungry." A woman's eyes flashing with tears, muttering: "Twenty years ago, you also say that the!"o another girl

Soviet Union began to pursue his obsessively. Everyone knows that the Soviet Union from the mountains of poverty, parents are the rest of my life not out of the mountain farmers, in order to let the two younger siblings to continue their education, the Soviet Union can only maintain a minimum standard of living in this city. Moreover, the Soviet Union grow only in general, so she really did not mind the Soviet Union. Time the company held a reception at his call so she must be going
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