No lasting happiness in this world

That great mountain. Large. I suddenly felt full of my memories, do not. I'm sorry, I can not recall, I did not feel. . . . . I am force opened his eyes, I do not know what folder in my face slid down, the thing was cold, ve Cheap Nike Shoes ry cold. Do not know why the nose a little sour taste. That is, the so-called crying? Oh. The original cry is this feeling. I looks like to stay here for a long time, I forgot to go back, I do not know why I was recalled in the past had this feeling? Allergy? I I do not know, I hate this feeling. Fish cried, water know. I cried, who knows? One space in the deepest of the soul, the softest one always gentle and storage of these events, these never do not want to forget the joy and growth that is enough. Sometimes crying not because of sad. There is something missed, and a lifetime of missed.

People are bound to, hold a constant commitment, but could not restrain a fickle heart. Sometimes persistence is a burden to give up is a relief, no perfect people, happiness is not a hundred points, know that they can not afford to have so much, also do not have the right to ask for so much, or his suffering also difficult for each other. Heart belongs to a person, love, what is fair? Love deep, deep hurt, love where there is not fair. Love should not love, is never the light of day sigh, love do not love you, the tears burst start. Commitment is a white, thick and then the script has also been the outcome, I think I know the taste of tears, even if paid every minute, every second I do not have bailing.

No lasting happiness in this world, only the moment of comfortable and well-being. If you put my feelings, as a game, I can not afford to lose even more, rhetoric, and who knows I smile behind the pain, the love from the beginning of a smile, a kiss grow, and ultimately by the end of a tear by the injury, end up with scars, eventually leaving traces, force yourself to forget you, but loved to know that I am not all about, maybe silence is the best comfort, perhaps memories is the best outcome, fool also, can nbecause her leave my life becomes degenerate, become sad. However, since the girl met her MC roots, a strong girl, let me know how the significance of life, my life is so changed. The mind also recalled that she tol Cheap Nike Air Max d me about her own sad experience. One pair of melancholy and helpless look, looking Wanjiadenghuo but no one of their own, through the busy crowd Has anybody asked? Had any notice of a sixteen-year-old girl looked helpless, lonely wandering. Longing for a pair of warm hands through the crowd to hold up, telling her: "Come on! After your world is no longer sad, at least I.
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