Mo soil piety and worship came to this

She is a hardy children and parents died at an early age, brother sister-in-law is her only family, you can not imagine how this should depend on each other but, crowding and scolding sister-in-law later in life, but the out of the life of 16-year home . A few simple things, a few pieces of clothing, cover windshield cold on this street. Tears quietly streaming down her cheeks, all the way to recall the parents are alive, the joy of a reunion. Of their parents, brother pamper. The tears burst its bankot escape the sadness, the dream in mind, so willing to stray. Some fate doomed to lose, some fate doomed to not have a good outcome, and to love a person does not have him, but with a person, must go to love him and never give up, or let their own. Do not, because there is no sun, and go into the spring Not because there is no singing, and give up their pursuit Do not let no applause, but lost his ideals

In fact, each one leading to the sun Avenue, full of ups and downs. Each one leading to the ideal way is full of hardships and sweat! The development of a lot of things doomed it end, enjoy the beautiful process of passing the time, we should learn to forget, burst into laughter back boldly cry, looked up a scan of this Chamber, a bright sun, I believe the time You can change everything! Do not let your tears. Spring spring style winter winter elegant life, each with its own beauty, each Nike Air Max Shoes with its own chic, you laugh, the world laughs with you. You cry, you cry. When not own, the only thing to do is not to forget! Fold a Populus on the palm of the hand, watching the dark epidermis, heart to feel it has a life of three thousand legends. If Populus really three thousand lives, then I think it will be the world's most lonely. Life in Mobei into the sand and

Gobi, watching the vicissitudes of the world. From time to time traveled from around Tuodui, Camel Bell's sound perennial Populus withstand lonely torment, the most beautiful music in the world is none other than that. If my life can also have three thousand years, what should I do? Perennial Township rushing? Silently waiting for her return? The original holding yellow day Mo soil piety and worship came to this remote Ili, so that is why a tired mind to time travel? Or in order to escape the pain of those memor Nike Air Max able past? For life now, I do not know. Always thought that they can encounter a beautiful love, holding the hand of a loved one, riding a horse, blowing Qiangdi walk in white at the foot of the Tianshan run in the vast grasslands. Which may be only a dream, might have been a reincarnation in my life has happened. Abstract a snow lotus holding in the palm of the hand, but gently let down, because I do not know whom Abstract. Turn on the phone, it's still a the first bleak romantic red lotus.
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