Two days after negotiations

The fairy company's financial resources, many companies are feeling very worried for a suddenly able to come up with a million yuan a huge capital company, it is difficult to conclude that the other funds, there are more than strong, in the end the billions of dollars or a few hundred billion yuan, all of my heart has no bottom, after steel things, the intelligence agencies have fairy funds information strictly cordoned off, even if the steel company did not know, companies in other industries are naturally not been disclosed.

Several other dial starting negotiations scores mostly better, there are a few about to sign an agreement, the remaining few have also reached a preliminary intention to comment on the amount of assets of those companies are basically satisfied. The North Face UK have ideas to speed up the negotiation process, otherwise, he will be left behind, and this is detrimental to him as the boss's face! Fairy suddenly speed up the negotiations progress statement, east side not neglect, the company urgently agree the conditions for negotiations, amendments The North Face Sale industry elite who are surprised he is skeptical of the other plots, more worried about the prospect of their own company. Round of negotiations down Caifeng Jun defeated, not just met leisurely mettle.

Two days after negotiations Cai Fengjun continue retreat extraordinarily difficult to support, just to support a morning, afternoon, personally negotiated by Shen Jie, general manager of the East China Textile Co., Ltd. Early negotiations, and not related to the specific investment issues, the two sides compete for dominance of negotiations. East China backed by their strength and momentum to overwhelm the other favorable conditions in the investment funds negotiations; fairy also want the backing of strength to future planning for the pressure, forcing the other side to give up stereotypes active into the own track. Fairy intention was not to let the other too much loss of interest, she just tend to pursue their own win-win cooperation, which North Face Outet is the fairies all negotiations guiding ideology.

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