The north face city also has a large plus age

Area covers an area of ​​vast green areas is better, is the important areas of the city, around the city as well as the artificial river through the city and cited the South of the Yangtze River water in the city a lot of big cruise, and then put it back! The North build their own industrial city, in times of war, and there is no cause for concern, but to late in the war, especially after the end of the war, and immediately attracted the eyes of the people. This is a large family business for the Chinese people, building their legendary groundbreaking action, The North has become legendary, and the construction of the industrial city, North Face Sale better reflect community can gradually accelerate the construction, but the hospital district's facilities are quite good, of course, because the money reason.

Cultural district in addition to the University, there are a few high school, which is accompanied with the University established in this area, there are some residents of the residential and commercial district, residential area is mainly for the classroom teachers are living. Another feature of the area is a residential area, however, this is a small residential area, is designed specifically for The North holders for the Lee family living around there are large areas of available villas with untapped land; outside of this district, as well as a senior staff of the district, which is designed based on existing requirements, because some senior staff also quite wealthy.

The North City also has a large plus age , wants to have a special place in this area is also known as a rich area. The North Face UK Natural, The North is a very important area of ​​the city is the industrial area, a large industrial area composed entirely by The North and West Star district buildings everywhere, there are a large number of intensive workshops, laboratories and test workshop, elegant environment, forests nestled over and over verdant, office buildings Way back echoes of each company, but are independent of each other, of course, may also wish to foot the Lee shabby and simple!

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