This thing was born in the bottom of the sea

However, if the match with exquisite insects, but detoxification medicine. Good! Dan Qiusheng just specifically looking for a rare Star to make things difficult for small Yoshiko, surprise, surprise still fluent, it seems that he said is not false. In order to become an alchemy, The identified drug Ichinoseki most is protracted, life time to accumulate practical. Even beginners, but also need the next four to five years of hard work, conditional, but also traveled the world to follow the teachers The North Face certainly than he stacked high it.

So grab a tossed aside after a few pages this not worth looking at Dan Qiusheng Do not look to act do not follow common sense, but Jiaotu Di is extremely serious that book in my hand this is the land on each kinds of elixir, first discern the shape, taste is known of his sexual considered over the first hurdle identified drug Guan; then Denmark to study tens of thousands in the elixir, how compatibility that the dispensing off; before learning to control the real fire, the Wenwu micro fierce, heart operations, is that the fire control off, the last to open the furnace alchemy closing Dan, over this five passes, considered Xiaocheng. Hey, Master, tell you to say those things in this book, I have to know!

Small Yoshiko readily to fish out a few books, are repeated and described different ambitions inside, but also did not state different ambitions records details of rich. Dan Qiusheng to turned over Guaiyan The North Face UK carefully looked small Yoshiko, and the last to see him in the heart scared What Wulingwan grass? The original exam, ah, this has not been difficult, small Yoshiko leisurely Road a birth to five leaves the five leaves divided the five elements, the so-called five-Lingcao comprehension healing holy medicine. Ah Danqiu Sheng nodded, then Bluestar What day? This thing was born in the bottom of the sea, and the color blue, shaped like a star, is highly toxic.

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