I always have some strange ideas

The stipulated time, the teachers students to gather on the playground, and then sub-grade embarked lined up along the road to the cinema. Movie theaters next to the aunt's house, ten miles from the school to the cinema. Perhaps it was the temptation of the movies in our hearts is greater than all of the difficulties, as well as the distance of more than 10 miles, it becomes not a distance.

In order to be able to fancy movie, little feet short step soon finished more than 10 miles away, no one backward, The North Face grandmother, doubt the movie is real into the screen, as on the stage like a community theater, as well as I asked the grandmother, the grandmother could not answer, had bitterly stared at me. After the movie, I always have some strange ideas, north face sale uk singing nice if able to go into the screen. Later, school books know the film is to be produced, orchestrated director, the actors put into the body, and recorded it with a film made into a movie by the studio.

No wonder the movie want to change four piece to show finished. Remember the movie a second look was very popular schools organize students to see this movie. The early 1980s, most of the children have not seen the movie. Only know the movie screen, and can not stand to go watch a movie. So when we go to the movies school North Face Sale organization, everyone excited even could not sleep, came to school early in the morning, waiting to go to the movies.

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