Can only stand in the crack of time

Past cannot recover, pain words language setting in the heart, can't sleep the moment, darkness is also depressed, North Face UK I thought that frozen, can be frozen emotions, but, turned around and don't change back to pure, because, be accustomed to unconsciously looked back, eyes magnified the all memory, said that once the love, that was waiting for, has become a bubble, dissipation in jinghu, self-knowledge, old, no longer too much past the forgotten, the said casually, but need to go to all of the effort to learn, jiang said, too many things, is I put're face 6 lock, I silently accepted such answer, may have been just're face sure persistence hurt're face 6, the're face 6 drunk, then killing wantonly,'re looking face 6 of the cruel, only more, never don't want to bring any pain to anyone, so, when the pain of time, is only used to distinguish, if from the nue is sin, and then let the evil cover only I a person, the world, our rules of the scar, clear clearly winding in my heart, light, light, and I always want to learn with the met, with birth, let.

Soaking thoughts no trace, gradually, North Face Outet of quiet and tastefully laid out, with the paddle boat in the lake, put the wet clothes, threw the happy. But now, you leave me so far, I am going to find traces of you, no greetings, and have no relation, also have no news, you as if I suddenly, all the absence in the world of mortals.

Therefore, only procrastination eddy and the thin life, perhaps, perhaps tired, but they all said after life, not with the people, not jing not interference and complete period of life, it was, I began to believe that life is just a powerless process, exhausted youth, run out of love, the appearance of the old, old, the passage of time, goes by, everything is in the law of natural transition, mo back, can only stand in the crack of time, think again and again, but look at far away of the disappeared, look at the rest of the rotten, so time, such a life.

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