I never been to the circus

Will feel all the time to accompany you around? You sigh when I will not go to comfort you, sad, not accompany you with the sad, heartbreak does not go to accompany you with heartbreak, once I do it all, you have never been aware of had not seen your memories, your life, your world is no longer my time, I am more clear this time, you will not have a little bit sad, a little bit lost, a little think I a little bit of my memory. When that day comes, I'm really desperate, really heartbreaking, really tired. Because there is too much too often, are installed, although I always pretend it does not matter, but I really do not care? How about you? Nike Air Max UK Will care for all?

However, I would be very self-blame, hate me, because I do not keep to their promise. I promised you at any time will not leave you. You said to me, you do not know if there is one day I leave you, what would you? I understand, in fact, all my fault, I should not have in your life, life, my existence, I do a silent waiting for your love, silently bear all secretly waiting for you, think you. But I put all these performance out of, you know, clearly, to understand and eventually moved, but I have left.

I never been to the circus, especially when the clowns appear, I know they are lonely, because I was living on the stage clown, dedication and tireless wait, wait for the curtain call the curtain, I do not know the stage Nike Store outside, whether people I waiting for? Only once or"Curtain call after Funny interpretation of his own grief, no one will see the tears of a clown. In the clown world, he is always alive, for those bored spectators, although there is no them, the clown will be meaningless, although they will occasionally take a clown happy, driving a clown joke, touched his round red nose, clown Hanhan grinning, happy expression. But no one will understand the heart of the lonely clown, when his efforts to make others happy is the most lonely, because he wanted to see someone worthy of him to please not present, did not look at the intentions of the clown.
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