I am a friend of the driver drove

Life inside a lot of people become passerby brief moment let you leave a deep impression, but just a wrong understanding of cause there will be a lot of reverie. So both back to the original city, everybody is busy, no time to talk with each other, one day S Jun online stopped me, both of us chatted, learned that he and she was already broke up, as an old friend and emotional witnesses, ask why not excessive S monarch they told me late in the field, mens timberland boots To visit them and his wife and children live, Miss change my surprise, used some baby fat hairy girl, has now come out of the slim, quite feminine. S Prince little change to, or one just out of school when students look plain.

Later I left them, I am a friend of the driver drove over to pick me up, the two of them to stay with my other car, and so I got on, the drivers little brother told me that, that pretty girl next to her boyfriend? I said, ah, little brother said, do not ye good fit.

I say, the feelings of the two people is a good way to go. Of course, live together, trivial trivia, the difference in the character of the emotional wear and tear how may do so. But these we do not quite understand, I guess we like most couples, you can imagine. Then, after a few years, timberlands the development of their host cities is not optimistic about the the most timberland sentence if she had ever left your bike because you made her cry.

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