He looked at this Yanguo

This to false accusations Nujia, please great master sees well. also did not think the case is actually the trial became like this. Really public that reasonable, rational po po said saw for himself, but for some people, he know in advance the exact details. This case is really the trial does not go on. He asked you to say the Tianfu Gui intentions to you, you have proof? Of course. The who took Liu Komidori from a Yanguo said this is years ago to the Nujia to rape Nujia tussle and Nujia, fell into Nujia. Liu Komidori will Smokeless presented to the. took glancing a very ordinary Yanguo of, it is brass. Security a turn of a length of bamboo pipes.'ve seen better, in this end of the bamboo tube and a agate mouth son.

But this is not. The bamboo pipes out a purse. Because the time is too long, purse embroidered with what already can not see out. Nike Air Max the Tianfu Gui said this you? The Tianfu Gui can not think of their own Yanguo fell to the hands of the brothers wife. When lost do not know. The body is a new do. He looked at this Yanguo, the head oozing sweat, but said the villain. Then he cried a great master of the blue sky, the wronged ah! The crowd out to watch the buzzing sound. The station class runners whisper. said aloud human life case is a major event. This thing will be a retrial. Liu Komidori, your husband that day to die? The slave's husband passed away on February 16 that day.

On this day, you really can not remember what? The Liu Komidori County lords do not know the meaning of this sentence, she thought for a moment to say that this day Nike Air Max Sale is the day of Nujia husband died. Course Nujia what I remember. That you give this classic repeat. That day is also the day Nujia husband back. He is back at noon. His luggage back to a place at home, a little rest for a while to go to the home of his brother. Where he drank a lot of wine, when he came home midnight. But he just asleep called a stomach ache. The Nujia terrified. Had to call possidetis Nujia Auditor He asked the doctor.
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