The doctor desperately innocence

The doctor invited husband of Nujia has passed away. Wow poor Nujia Cardiff. Good eloquent woman. asked your husband's stomach ache, and you do not first called brother capitalists you have to detour to find possidetis, why is this? This sentence Liu Komidori ask live. She thought for a moment said Nujia originally have to call him. But Nujia think he must drink a lot of wine. And intentions of the heart, of Nujia he was afraid he entangled. The so Nujia had to find possidetis. Well, well, for this reason also speak.

Cried the to pass the doctor. The doctor was brought up. This is a skinny 41-year-old man. peg he looked Cheap Nike Air Max a long time to see the doctor quickly lowered his head. asked his name, then asked her husband dead in front of you? Small, small to Tian rich already dead. He is the disease? What sudden illness? The doctor could not answer. He Kengchi for a moment that the great lord, the small field rich already dead, my body did not hurt, and small had found he was tight disease. As for what disease, small really do not know. was furious, he heard a half-day case, also moved in the board that. His heart back itch. He wants the doctor who made a highly profitable market. He cried, you are a doctor, I do not know the patient's death, but dare to come forward to testify. Come, pull down on the first hit 20 big board. The few runners Rulangsihu pounced, pulling down the doctor.

The doctor desperately innocence, but who will care for him, is not a time, kill the pig screams came. Watch the crowd's mood. They se Nike Air Max Shoes e the just for questioning, not move the board as early as impatient. Possidetis meter whistled across the sky when suddenly say great lord, The Tianfu Gui molested brother-in-law, false accusations, classic indifferent, but take a doctor surgery, the students refused to accept. Nike Basketball Shoes will let you dress. said Liu Komidori, can you have anything to say? Liu Komidori listen to the doctor screams coming Surprised face has changed.
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