I go to prepare you something

Brother, you know? In fact, he is very contradictory, in his heart, he was very disgusted with myself, but very powerless. Road. How do you know? Road. Remember me save that? Said. Remember that, kidnapping, and ask you to enchant. Recalled the time thing. , With their rescued me, and his own but was stayed, when I

Qujiu, next day. 'll Never forget that scene in the original. That time, I had talked about some things. Speaking of things that Villa. So it is. Murmured. Day children, you said to me repeat it, know, or want to know. Frustration at the sky, as if something salty shed stomach. What you up slowly, I go to prepare you something to eat. Raised in a timely manner to leave some things, not all can share. The door was closed quietly commanded the guards were good guarding the door, and people do not disturb. Looking at a co-doors, and suddenly there is a feeling of Depression. This life is our special family needs it? Did you know? I was his mentor. This man opposite introduce yourself. I do not know.

Very calm said. But you know, that was enough. Speak of a very mild expression, but the tone inside reveals the meaning is very threatening. I know, what then? Shook shoulder and fearless. My apprentice is dead. Expression can not see is sad or grief. If he die than to live happier, then you should feel for him happy. Said. One of life and death, and happiness does not have a direct relationship. As long as a person is unhappy, alive and dead, what difference?

You're speechless. But he can not be denied. Not as good as dead because he felt their living in the abyss of suffering, the joy of liberation of the soul. You agree with my words. Still feel that will not hurt him. As for why he brought here, is a problem. Even if I agree with you, so what? I still make to pay for it. Look directly into the eyes. Heart, because then, suddenly shook. A price to pay for it? Even own heart because he affects. They loved each other? Feel love these two words, from his own lips that say it is so difficult and incomprehensible. Heart a feeling of bitter like gall. Suddenly silent. Is a very poor man listened quietly, but my heart has been thinking about.
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