Said with a wry smile

Do not know when to start, the shadow has been rooted in their own heart, and deep-rooted. Final to put burnt Zhuang himself died you know why he died? Asked. Is not it? At least the story which said that the heart of this could not help but feel good about some. Shook his head and, without a word. Is not it? Eventually. How do you know? ! Asked surprised. Eventually like people only own master guide, how do you know this person? He said. Bitter, but my mind was more thinking is not easy.

That jerk, even foolish, so stupid, silly blankly been alive for others. He was unfit to be emperor, but to parents and do; he wants their love, but for the brother and discard; alive, but he wants to freely rather hard for the people of the imperial dynasty, this is called a fool . Heart sore, because that fool, he even let yourself feel bad, to dismay fool for themselves, while waiting for what? Asked surprised. He described his own actions. Raised his head, so that flocked to the orbital water backflow stomach. He hated his father, the father of hate, hate him. But he grew up with, lived together for so many years. If he wants revenge need not pick one of their brothers to punish, it simply is not revenge. Not revenge? Doubts. Do you know what is the real revenge? For and who is going to, it is a kind of irony, they are simply a class of people, among them there retaliation? !

Said with a wry smile, the eyes, but his mouth spray. This seems to have thought of something. That the so-called revenge plan, just in order to get. According to his understanding, that fool will definitely sacrifice for his brother and so he made this request. However, he was wrong wrong here. He did not think that would suddenly appear and disrupt his overall plan. Say love, pity, and he sent back, but do not dare to face, but he was reluctant to leave, had to want you to pick him up. He simply deceive themselves. Shall not talking about honor, his eyes did not focus, because the thinking of another person. It looked speechless. This teenager how suddenly so sad, but he did say that on the, ah, the poor, this is what you want to do? I think opening. You should know about it.

Then, out of the bamboo house, came to the bamboo forest. Why? Why would I know? Said. Will know of course, will tell him. Assurance. You will know later. You how close disciple? Your age does not look too great ah? Came up with the decision to side to release the mood. If you have the opportunity to let go of a Bo, why not try it? Me, when I met, he was very poor, the most important thing is he like an old friend, so the face suddenly red. Naturally aware of the changes to the.
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