I do not bring clothes over

Director, from noon you say, there is one last scene, when still a drama, you play me ah! The tone is very poor. This is not a little situation? The director began Cahan, they all know the temper and never acts. So, tomorrow in the film! To the dressing room, leave intend remover. Baby, do not come on, give the director a face ah, after shooting this is OK, ah, tomorrow you can rest at home it! The broker Pingjie also help to talk about things. This drama shoot endless, will be his parents know, it is estimated that is blocked, blocked two annual drama, this again blocked, it is estimated that no one dares to find filming. Pingjie not I do not fit, I have a dinner in the evening, do not starting'll be late, you know, this dinner is very important, and if I'm late, estimated white Nike Air Max Sale shot this movie, director estimated the change jobs! Is back to

Pingjie said, not loud, and allows the people are heard clearly. Crew to breath, what does this mean, to which an important figure to eat ah! In the very distant also heard this statement, she also would like to know this and who eat, Curious, she looked up to the course, distance early in the back to see how will this woman This time here? See when the first reaction was that man actually is more beautiful than a woman. This case was found, thank you! The butler took it and went with her to the villa. Long been at home waiting for a chance to see the true face of the girl, since the two licensing, then the next step is to do the wedding, there are things she can busy. Far to see the Explorer led a girl walked over, should herNike Air Max UK long, quite beautiful thing, that much better than the previous.

Happily walked up to ask, it is now! Aunt good! Tense to say, but my mind was in http://www.nikeairmax4shoes.com/ the curse, damn, just let a person faces. Call me what? The displeased asked. Looked up and asked unhappy smile on his face was unabated, suddenly thought of themselves and have been married, you should call her mom! Called a whisper. Eh smile should. Holding hands walking home, ah, the children really rejoicing Well, he actually went to a business trip, but it does not matter, I accompanied it, this week you will live in me, and have fun with me , how? Where dare say not, but is clearly written in the contract, to make every effort to a daughter-in-law. But I do not bring clothes over. I am sorry to say. Okay, I'm here to give you to prepare

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