See has to have checked the body

it in a good mood. The daughter-in-law made him look like much longer impress, things are good, also know to bring a gift to please themselves, seems ah, this time he is not wrong people. Mom Morning! The downstairs when exercising happened met came back out. Ah, how starting so early ah, which are not used to not sleep ah? Asked with interest. No, no, I'm used to getting up early. What good taste is said, but my heart is not thought, alone she was particularly uncomfortable, the room, she dare not touch, as well as home everywhere display of wealth, he is marry a how a man, ah, how such money ah, not so profitable it! Ah, today is the weekend to accompany me how to walk on the streets? After breakfast, inquired. Good, ah, I went to tidy up, waiting for me, as long as they can leave such a house, what is good, and she was afraid to stay in this house will be mad. However, accompany shopping so more regret, Where accompany shopping ah, is to buy her something,Cheap Nike Shoes just to see what a nice give buy it to give to their, let themselves be pulled to an old Chinese medicine where to go, is to their own physical examination.

How ah, really do my daughter's body. See has to have checked the body, quickly asked. The little lady body can be said that in general, I gave her a detailed inspection, found that her stomach is not good, and should be reading when diet is not the law, resulting in a slight stomach problems, there is, I would suggest that she temporarily not to get pregnant, because her nutrition is not good enough, now pregnant with the child, the adults and children are unfavorable to as good as the first body conditioning, as children born healthy. Told the truth. I had any brains, child, to see her last night, did not eat anything, turned out to be goodCheap Nike Air Max for the stomach, doctors, ah, you quickly prescribe nutrition to give her something to eat, and to see her poor health,

I do Damn, worry ah. Nodded, went behind the desk and go write something. Ah, you do not worry, ah, you are still young, the body keep a good, it is possible to let summer .http://www.nikeairmax4shoes.com/ home is flourishing the, ah, you have to carry on conditioning yourself, know not. Concern. Dumbfounding, which is singing what the, ah, good conditioning body good pregnant with the child, when said children, she wanted to tell their own without conditioning, but she was so looking forward to look bad sweep her Hing , step by step. Out of the hospital, took to go to the vegetable market, did not think, noble vegetable market is also at ease, grocery shopping bargain than okay, watching the efforts selection of dishes like a lady unlike the others, so really interesting. Not feel weird ah. Asks out from the markets, holding hands, behind the butler, to mention just buy vegetables
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